Inside a ‘Serial’ Addiction: Hit Podcast Features Legal Footwork of UVA Law’s Innocence Project

Deirdre Enright, center, in the studio where an interview for Virginia Innocence Project Pro Bono Clinic president Katie Clifford, Innocence Project Clinic Director of Investigation Deirdre Enright and student team leader Mario Peia gather in the studio to discuss their participation in the “Serial” podcast. Photos by Dan Addison / UVA Public Affairs

“This is a Global Tel*Link prepaid call from — Adnan Syed — an inmate at a Maryland correctional facility.”

Each week, about a million listeners eagerly await the sound bite that begins “Serial,” the hit podcast from the producers of “This American Life.” “Serial” recently introduced its worldwide audience to the Innocence Project at the UVA School of Law, whose students and faculty supervisor are tracking down new leads in a 1999 murder case featured on the show. The school’s for-credit clinic and a related pro bono clinic give students who participate the chance to investigate and potentially to litigate wrongful convictions that may lead to exoneration.