Statement of Governor Bob McDonnell on the Scheduled Execution of Robert Charles Gleason, Jr.

RICHMOND—Governor Bob McDonnell issued the following statement today on the scheduled execution of Robert Charles Gleason, Jr. Gleason is scheduled to be executed on January 16th.

“In 2008 Robert Charles Gleason, Jr. was convicted of the murder of Michael Kent Jamerson in Amherst, Virginia. He was sentenced to life without parole. While in prison he committed the brutal murders of both Harvey Watson, his cellmate at Wallens Ridge State Prison, and Aaron Cooper, a fellow inmate at Red Onion State Prison. Gleason strangled both men to death.

Gleason has expressed no remorse for these horrific murders. He has not sought to appeal his convictions and has not filed a petition for clemency. He has consistently rejected any offers of legal assistance. Gleason has said that he wants the January 16th execution to ‘go as is.’ He has been found competent by the appropriate courts to make all of these decisions.

Despite the fact that he has not filed a petition for clemency, I have still reviewed the procedural history and the facts surrounding the convictions. I have found no compelling reason to intercede.

Accordingly, I decline to intervene.”