UVA Law – A Murder is Solved and a Man Avoids Death, Thanks to Unusual Deal Brokered by Clinic Professors

Nguyen, Engle and Blobaum

From left, Carolyn Nguyen, Matthew Engle and Brett Blobaum. Engle helped broker a deal that allows Joshua Andrews to avoid the death penalty. Nguyen and Blobaum, who both graduated this month from the Law School, also worked on Andrews’ case.

A 30-year-old man who was previously sentenced to die for the 2002 killing of two Prince William County residents will now avoid the death penalty under an unusual deal brokered by his lawyers, University of Virginia law professor Matthew Engle and Washington and Lee law professor David Bruck.

As part of the deal — which was approved today in Prince William County Circuit Court — Joshua Andrews pleaded guilty to the murders of Romanno Avellino Head and Robert Irvin Morrison during a January 2002 robbery, as well as the December 2001 killing of Clayton Kendall Breeding in the parking lot of Rippon Middle School in Woodbridge, Va.