Two Virginia Prosecutors Renounce State’s ‘Death Machine’

January 25, 2021

We are Commonwealth’s Attorneys, criminal prosecutors who have sworn an oath to do justice for the people of Virginia. Our sacred trust is to keep people safe, to do justice for all, and to ensure that the people who commit crimes receive fair and just punishment.

We are responsible for reflecting the values of our community and for recognizing the self-evident truth that all people, from the most righteous to the most depraved, are our brothers and sisters.


Gov. Northam will introduce bill to end death penalty in Virginia

January 13, 2021

Gov. Ralph Northam will be introducing a bill to abolish the death penalty that, if successful, would make Virginia the first Southern state to end capital punishment.

“I understand about timing and I suspect this is the year to end the death penalty in Virginia,” Northam told the Richmond Times-Dispatch on Tuesday.

“I’ve felt strongly about this for a long time,” the governor said. “We’ve been doing so much good work on equity, especially criminal justice reform, and we have the majority in the House and the Senate.”




Virginia’s Racist History With the Death Penalty Could Finally End

January 5, 2021

A nearly 300-year-old practice could be put to rest this month, as Virginia’s General Assembly considers ending the death penalty.. Del. Lee Carter (D – Manasses) introduced a bill to end the practice last week.

“This is about ending a barbaric practice that brings with it the possibility of the most extreme injustice that the state can levy. [That is], ending someone’s life and then finding out later that they didn’t do it,” Carter said.